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Exploring the hottest topics in AML & KYC

With the integration of innovations such as digital currencies as well as the rise of AI and increase in compliance regulation, AML and KYC teams find themselves trying to stay up to date and complaint in an everchanging landscape.

Institutions must improve their AML framework and technologies to combat emerging risks to ensure a secure future as money launderers, terrorists, and other criminal organisations carry out endless attacks. They must also ensure that they are aware of the individuals and entities they are working with, something that has become increasingly trickier with the advancement of technology. Explore the challenges and innovations in these areas and how to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Exploring  the Best Methods in Risk Assessment

By taking a more agile and dynamic approach to risk assessment, institutions can move away from reacting to the fallout of fraud and compliance risk and start anticipating what to expect.

The Sanctions Landscape in 2024

The war in Ukraine is ongoing as are the sanctions against Russia. Financial Institutions are working to ensure these sanctions are upheld through the strengthening of acts such as the CTA.

Discovering the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

With the application of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and the need to report UBO’s to the FinCEN repository, firms must ensure they are carrying out customer due diligence effectively to ensure compliance with sanctions rules and AML.

The rise of Generative AI

Although there are no frameworks in place for the use of AI and LLM in financial crime fighting, the need to stay on par with the cyber criminals by investing in the technologies that are allowing for deepfakes and other sophisticated attacks is clear. What can we expect in the US in 2024 at the EU begins carving out clear frameworks for the use of AI.

Discover the agenda

  1. AML & KYC theatre
    40 mins
    • AML & KYC theatre

    Panel Discussion

    • How can RegTech help implement robust transaction monitoring skills to understand consumer behaviours?
    • Best methods for monitoring and identifying suspicious activities
    • In what ways can RegTech help streamline the CDD process?
    • How can RegTech be integrated with legacy systems effectively and cost efficiently?
  1. AML & KYC theatre
    20 mins
    • AML & KYC theatre
  1. AML & KYC theatre
    40 mins
    • AML & KYC theatre

    Panel Discussion 

    • Best methods for optimising verification processes in a digital age.
    • What role can AI play in ensuring the accuracy and maintenance of customer data?
    • Exploring the most effective methods of integrating eKYC and pKYC technologies into existing systems.

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