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Exploring the hottest topics in financial crime


Times are changing and institutions must adapt and evolve faster than ever before. We will explore how to achieve a collective effort for business growth, whilst mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, and accelerating the digital agenda.

The pandemic has brought about extraordinary changes that has triggered the interest of perpetrators in the financial services looking to take advantage of the digital influx. Re-visit your operational efficiency in the new normal.

Maintaining Data Integrity in Financial Crime

In order to safeguard and better serve the frequently unwitting victims of financial crime, institutions will need to be more adaptable, collaborative, and data-driven going forward in 2025 and beyond.

Intelligent Automation in Financial Crime

Understanding current trends, emerging tech, automation, and changing business needs to manage financial crime risks. Review recent regulatory enforcement actions and consider possible compliance approaches. What makes for a great AML compliance program.

Next-Gen Collaboration

Understanding the obstacles, challenges and conflicting priorities in PPP. Complementing centralized transaction analysis to effectively scale up and tackle the increasing scope and complexity of money laundering and terrorist financing. Addressing the promise of preserving privacy in FinCrime data sharing.

Keeping up your Compliance Strategies

Ensuring your internal procedures are robust as keeping up-to-date with information and guidance about AML. Without the right infrastructure in place, firms may struggle to react quickly and effectively in making changes that will satisfy industry bodies and regulators. 

Risks Convergence

Security, financial crime, safety, reliability, privacy and data ethics will become increasingly intertwined in a digital and data-driven world. In order to innovate with speed and confidence, organisations will need to address these in an integrated way.

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AML/CFT, TBML, Compliance, transaction monitoring, KYC, AI & ML, Sanctions

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Risks, Data Science, Investigations, Claims, Scams, Data Analytics

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Phishing Attacks, Ransomware, Social Engineering, Data Breach